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Brian Godden


Big Snore Hammers

Members of Wongawilli combine with percussionists and more for a 10 piece World Celtic flavoured party band.

Accordion, fiddle, saxophone, bouzouki, piano, trombone, bagpipes, whistles and lots of percussion!

The Band has performed at Illawarra Folk Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Griffith's La Festa and the National Folk Festival.

Sound samples at www.myspace.com/bigsnorehammers

Current Band members are:

Samuel De Santi - bodhran, violin, mandolin, trombone
David De Santi (Sam's dad) - piano accordion
Tania De Santi (Sam's mum) - piano
Miffy Ryan - violin
Johnny Spillane - whistles, bagpipes
Ann Lehmann - bouzouki
Mark Holder-Keeping - saxophone, clarinet
Phil Burke - drum kit
Perla Aura - African drums and percussion
Matt Bourne - African drums and percussion


Big Snore Hammers is 12 year old Samuel De Santi's dream band come to life. The band was originally assembled for the 18th Illawarra Folk Festival at Jamberoo in 2002 at Jamberoo when Sam was 5 years old.

Since then the band has performed at Jamberoo and also performed at the 2002 to 2009 Illawarra Folk Festivals, 2003/2004/2006 Woodford Folk Festivals, 2006 National Folk Festival and the 2005 Port Fairy Folk Festival!

The band of musicians has members of Wongawilli, Obrobini and friends playing an array of acoustic instruments including violin, mandolin, guitar, accordion, piano, whistle, and saxophone with drums and African drums for high energy jigs, reels and polkas.

Sam leads the band playing bodhran, fiddle, trombone, mandolin and anything else he can bang.

The music is a mixture of folk music from around the world from such bands as La Bottine Souriante (French Canadian), Chippolatas (UK), Felpeyu (from Asturies, Spain), Burach, Sandy Brechin (Scotland) and of course traditional Australian, Italian and Celtic tunes!

Sam has also sat in with a number of bands and musicians when they find out about his amazing bodhran playing and include Irish accordion player David Munnelly, Scottish accordion guru Sandy Brechin and at the 2005/2006 Woodford Folk Festival he played with Genticorum from Montreal, The Mammals from New York, The Ducks from Canada and Panjea from New York!

He guested also with Genticorum and Les Chauffeurs a Pieds at 2006 Skagen Festival.

Sound Samples

Listen to sound samples of the band from a live recording at the Oxford Tavern:

Track 1 - Long Weekend at Home. Click here to hear the sample - MP3 format, 216 KB 0:44 minutes
Written by David De Santi with able assistance from Sam when they were home a holiday long weekend and Sam had the Chicken Pox! That's Sam on the bodhran at the start with Dad.

Track 2 - French Canadian Set. Click here to hear the sample - MP3 format, 371 KB 1:16 minutes
Sam loves the music of La Bottine Souriante and this set comprises a number of traditional and composed reels from Quebec, Canada.

Track 3 - Australian Reel Set. Click here to hear the sample - MP3 format, 279 KB 1:31 minutes
Sam plays the fiddle on this set which he introduces as well. The tunes are Colin Charlton's Reel, The Black Cat Piddled in the White Cat's Eye and Herb's Flowers. They're from great old bush dance musicians.

Track 4 - Felpeyu Asturian Jig Set. Click here to hear the sample - MP3 format, 313 KB 1:04 minutes
Tune set learnt from the fabulous Asturian band Felpeyu while touring Australia. Asturies is next to Galicia in Spain and there is a strong Celtic influence to their music.

Track 5 - Burach Bass Player Jig Set. Click here to hear the sample - MP3 format, 319 KB 1:05 minutes
Tune set learnt from the Burach and Sandy Brechin, demon accordion player from Scotland.

Other sound samples at www.myspace.com/bigsnorehammers


Part of the band in swing at the Oxford Tavern - Mark, Tania, Jane, Phil and Sam

Sam (at age 7) on the powered bodhran at the 2003 Illawarra Folk Festival at Jamberoo

 Sam (8) sitting in with amazing Irish accordion player David Munnelly at the 2005 Skagen Festival in Denmark. They had been jamming in the Festival Green Room!

Sam (at age 6) at 2002 Illawarra Folk Festival, next to Aunty Jane, Phil Burke on drums

Sam (at age 8) on the fiddle
at the Oxford Tavern, Wollongong, March 2005

5yr old Sam with Sandy Brechin
from Scotland's accordion

Sam and David, Illawarra Folk Festival 2008

Sam and Nick Rheinberger jamming at Illawarra Folk Club 2008


Previous Gigs

2009 - Illawarra Folk Festival, 1st Snowy Mountains of Music

2008 - Cobargo Folk Festival, Viva La Gong Wollongong, Illawarra Folk Festival

2007 - New Years Wollongong Harbour, Illawarra Folk Festival

2006 - Illawarra Folk Festival at Bulli, National Folk Festival, Fun4Kids Festival, Warnambool, Harp Hotel, Tempe, support for Faerd (Denmark/Sweden), 8pm, Bush Dance University of Wollongong, Union Hall,

2005 - Port Fairy Folk Festival, Folk in the Foothills, Jamberoo Valley Lodge, Merry Muse Folk Club in Canberra,Monaro Folk Music Society Bush Dance, 2005/06 Woodford Folk Festival, Harmony Day Concert, Shellharbour Council

2002/2003, 2003/2004, 2005/2006 Woodford Folk Festival

2002, 2003, 2004 Illawarra Folk Festival

Contact David De Santi, 0409 57 1788 desanti@bigpond.com

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